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Strategic documents

EAC Amersfoort Agenda

Setting the agenda for the future of archaeological heritage management in Europe

During the 16th Annual Meeting which took place in Lisbon on 18-21 March 2015, the European Archaeological Council (EAC) presented an agenda for the future of the archaeological heritage management in Europe. More than twenty years after the drafting of the Valletta Convention (European Convention of the Council of Europe on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage), the Amersfoort Agenda presents the focus of EAC in addressing these challenges.

The first major theme in the Amersfoort Agenda is embedding archaeology in society. This includes amongst others encouraging public participation and the need for integrating archaeology into education. The second theme is about the importance of conscious, explicit and transparent choices in archaeological heritage management. The focus of the third and final theme is the subject of archaeological data management in the digital age.

The Amersfoort Agenda has been included in EAC Occasional Paper No. 10. The publication is titled ‘Setting the Agenda: Giving New Meaning to the European Archaeologcial Heritage’ and is available at Archaeolingua.

EAC Strategic Plan 2022-2027

At the 23rd Annual Meeting in Vienna, Austria in March 2022, the General Assembly of the EAC approved a new 5-year strategic plan for the organisation.

The vision of the EAC is that the management of Europe’s heritage includes archaeological heritage as a central component, recognising its value to society and economy, and that that heritage is afforded adequate protection as a source of the European collective memory, as an instrument for historical and scientific study, and as a catalyst for collaboration and inclusion.

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