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Working groups

EAC's special working groups are set up to discuss specific issues (in co-operation with other relevant bodies and programmes as appropriate) to inform the development of policy, and to progress the aims and objectives of EAC. 

To maintain maximum flexibility, the groups have a finite existence related to their objectives. Each group has clearly defined timetables and a set of objectives which lead to the preparation of draft guidance, information, standards, or policy papers for consideration by the EAC Consilium. 

The number of special working groups in existence at any one time remains flexible to reflect the needs of the membership and the available resources. Having defined a particular problem, each working group creates an action plan to identify the key issues and to define what needs to be done at European level to ensure the better management of those components of the archaeological resource under consideration. 

Each group then goes on to formulate proposals to address these issues, which can then be taken forward by the EAC Board and the relevant national agencies.


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