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1999-2024 Celebrating 25 years of the EAC

EAC: future priorities

As we celebrate 25 years since the formation of the organisation, the EAC Board is inviting members to identify their priorities to guide EAC activities for the next 5 years.

At the General Assembly in Brussels on 21 March 2024, the EAC will celebrate its 25th anniversary by looking forward. The EAC Board will invite members to share their priorities in the context of the Valletta and Faro Conventions, to guide future EAC activities. These priorities could involve:

  • building on the Making Choices guidance with practical advice

  • forming new working groups to tackle emerging issues for heritage management

  • partnering with other organisations or sectors to address fundamental challenges

  • strengthening or changing EAC membership services

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The European Archaeological Council was formed in 1999 to support the management of Archaeological Heritage throughout Europe. In 2015, the EAC published the Amersfoort Agenda, its response to addressing the challenges laid out in the Valletta Convention. The first major theme was embedding archaeology in society, encouraging public participation and integrating archaeology into education. The second theme was the importance of conscious, explicit and transparent choices in archaeological heritage management. The third theme was archaeological data management in the digital age. To build on this, the Making Choices initiative invited EAC members to consider their priorities, and identify areas where EAC guidance and support was most needed. In 2024, we launch a range of new EAC guidelines resulting from the Making Choices initiative.

You can find a link and QR code to allow you to share ideas below. In Brussels, EAC Board and Working Group members will be available to discuss and collect ideas as well.

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