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EAC Working Group for Communications

The working group was established in 2020. Its purpose is to promote the activities of EAC and ensure that the EAC communicates effectively with its members and the public.

In March 2022, the EAC General Assembly adopted the Communications Plan and Social Media Rules developed by the working group.

A key focus of the working group from 2022 onwards is supporting the promotion of forthcoming EAC guidance produced by the other workign groups.

EAC Annual Meeting 2022 © Bundesdenkmalamt


Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 16.16.57.png



Marjolein Verschuur, Netherlands


Vera Ameels, Belgium (Flanders)

Stanislava Kucova, Czechia

Alex Hale, UK (Scotland)

Jenni Butterworth, EAC Assistant




At Arbury Banks Northamptonshire, ploughing has destroyed medieval ridge and furrow earthworks overlying an Iron Age fortification and is eroding the underlying site.

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