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Report on EAC Making Choices survey

The EAC Working Group on Making Choices has published a report on the results of its survey on decision-making in archaeological heritage management.

In total the Working Group received 22 responses, together covering a big part of Europe. The responses provide great insight into the way choices are made in the context of the Valletta and Faro Conventions. Besides offering an analysis of all the different approaches taken, the report also identifies areas where the EAC could help develop guidance to improve consistency and transparency.

The Making Choices Working Group has been established within the framework of the EAC’s Amersfoort Agenda (2015) and its subsequent action plan.

As a next step, the Working Group and the Board will discuss which key recommendations of the report will be translated into actions first. Once the priorities have been identified, the EAC will invite member states and associated European and international bodies to engage in the activities.

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