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Non-paper on cultural heritage and CAP

The Reflection Group EU and Cultural Heritage has published a non-paper within the framework of the reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

​The Reflection Group is an informal network of heritage experts appointed by national authorities. This network contributes to the awareness, promotion and preservation of cultural heritage within the context of EU policies and regulations.

In the next years the Common Agricultural Policy will be discussed and revised in order to adapt it to new challenges for European agriculture. The Reflection Group saw this as an opportunity to get cultural heritage policies better embedded in agricultural areas. After a series of meetings in 2016, the Reflection Group has recently published a non-paper:

The non-paper formulates good practice with regard to how the current CAP and cultural heritage benefit each other, it identifies areas where there is room for improvement, and it offers recommendations for future agricultural policy. It shows that cultural landscapes can be an important aspect of sustainability and greening measures.


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