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In memoriam Willem Willems

Adrian Olivier and Leonard C. de Witt

Peter A. C. Schut, Djurra Scharff and Leonard C. de Wit

Amersfoort Agenda 

Amersfoort Agenda – Setting the agenda for the future of archaeological heritage management in Europe
Objectifs d’Amersfoort – Instauration des priorités pour l’avenir de la gestion du patrimoine archéologique en Europe 

Session 1 The spirit of the Faro Convention: embedding archaeology in society

  1. ‘I wanted to be an archaeologist’ – A 21st-century crisis of confidence?
    Graham Fairclough

  2. From Malta to Faro, how far have we come? Some facts and figures on public engagement in the archaeological heritage sector in Europe
    Monique H. van den Dries

  3. Heritage in a convivial society: societal change and its challenges for cultural heritage experts
    Roel During 

    Session 2 Dare to choose

  4. Dare to choose: make research the product
    Dries Tys

  5. An interpretation of Valletta from the Críoch Fuinidh (the remote or end country)
    Margaret Keane

  6. Valletta Harvest: value for money. Dutch initiatives to make ‘Malta’ excavation results relevant to heritage management, science and society
    Bert Groenewoudt

  7. Dare to choose samples, not excavations. Reflections on sampling and investigation strategies in archaeological research on settlements
    Hauke Jöns

    Session 3 Managing the sources of European history

  8. Digital archaeological archives of Europe: opportunities and challenges
    Franco Niccolucci

  9. Discover the submerged prehistory of Europe – Scientific background, aims, methods, outcomes and perspectives of the European SPLASHCOS network
    Hauke Jöns

  10. How should we manage the archaeological sources in Poland? Paulina Florjanowicz

Marie-Jeanne Ghenne 


Annex Break-out session reports 

  1. The spirit of the Faro Convention: embedding archaeology in society

  2. Dare to choose

  3. Managing the sources of European history


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