EAC Heritage Symposium 2021 

Climate Change and Archaeology

1-3 July 2021, Hainburg, Austria


extended deadline 15 April 2021
EAC Symposium 2021

The 22nd EAC Heritage Symposium "Climate Change and Archaeology" will take place between

1-3 July 2021 in Hainburg, Austria

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EAC General Assembly 2021

The EAC General Assembly took place on 19 March 2021 as an online event. It was followed by a "COVID 19 and Archaeology" webinar. 

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  • President: Barney Sloane

    National Specialist Services Director
    Historic England
    The Engine House
    Fire Fly Avenue 


       SN2 2EH

       United Kingdom

    ​   E-mail: desislava.gradinarova@e-a-c.org

  • Official address of the EAC

    Rue des Brigades d'Irlande 1
    5100 Namur

  • EAC Charity (​AISBL) Registration No: 0472502440

  • Bank account

    Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Schwerin
    Postfach 110 152
    19001 Schwerin

    Swift Code/BIC: NOLADE 21 LWL
    IBAN: DE58 1405 2000 0301 0958 50


About EAC

The primary mission of the Europae Archaeologiae Consilium is to support the management of the archaeological heritage throughout Europe and to serve the needs of national archaeological heritage management agencies by providing a forum for organisations to establish closer and more structured co-operation and exchange of information. 

Membership of the Council is open to all national bodies charged with the management of the archaeological heritage throughout Europe, including where appropriate agencies in a federal context (e.g. German Länder, Swiss Cantons, Spanish autonomous regions etc).

Membership is corporate rather than individual and subscriptions will follow the contribution system employed by the Council of Europe.

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