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The EAC is pleased to announce the publication of new guidance! Find them here.
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'New Challenges: Archaeological Heritage Management and the Archaeology of the 18th to 20th centuries' EAC19 published

The EAC is pleased to announce the publication of the Archaeolingua occasional paper and Internet Archaeology volume from EAC2023. Find them here.


EAC contacts

President: Ann Degraeve

       Head of Department of Archaeology

       Cultural Heritage



       E-mail: adegraeve[a]

Please direct enquiries to the EAC Assistant Jenni Butterworth



Official address of the EAC


Mont des Arts 10-13

1000 Bruxelles


EAC Charity (​AISBL) Registration No: 0472502440

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About EAC

The primary mission of the Europae Archaeologiae Consilium is to support the management of the archaeological heritage throughout Europe and to serve the needs of national archaeological heritage management agencies by providing a forum for organisations to establish closer and more structured co-operation and exchange of information. 

Membership of the Council is open to all national bodies charged with the management of the archaeological heritage throughout Europe, including where appropriate agencies in a federal context (e.g. German Länder, Swiss Cantons, Spanish autonomous regions etc).

Membership is corporate rather than individual and subscriptions will follow the contribution system employed by the Council of Europe.

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EAC statement on Ukraine

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