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Presentations EAC 2020

Presentations of the EAC Symposium in Prague

21st Heritage Management Symposium, Archaeology and Public Benefit: moving the debate forward  5 - 6 March 2020 (Prague, Czech Republic)

Session 1


Sadie Watson (UK), Measuring and maximising public benefit: Introducing a new research project in collaboration with the EAC

John O’Keeffe (UK, Northern Ireland), A new Strategy for Archaeology in Northern Ireland

Michael MacDonagh and Maurice F Hurley (Republic of Ireland), Beer and Vikings – how development is helping write a new chapter in the story of Ireland’s second city

Mei Duong (Luxembourg), Development-led or ‘preventive’ archaeology in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Markus Wachter (Austria), The Roman City of Carnuntum: From an inside tip for scientists to a lighthouse site for cultural tourism

Zoltán Rózsa, László Reményi and Eszter Kreiter (Hungary), Whose heritage is it? - Community archaeology, metal detecting – born of a new model in Hungary

Marcella Giorgio (Italy), Italian archaeology: heritage, protection and enhancement

Louise Davies and Adam Single (UK, Historic England), Prehistory, playhouses and the public – London’s planning archaeology


Session 2

Kenneth Atchison (UK, FAME), No More Polluter Pays Principle. Opportunities and challenges of public benefit provision in UK development-led archaeology

Pascal Ratier (France), Archaeology Days across Europe: sharing archaeological heritage

Lyudmil Vagalinski and Milena Raycheva (Bulgaria), Bulgarian development-led archaeology in the public eye. Reception, reactions, possible solutions

Rudina Zoto, Ela Miziri and Mariglen Meshini (Albania), Do some aspects of archaeology offer more public benefit than others? How can we challenge this?

Ričardas Dediala (Lithuania), Archaeology and the history of resistance in Lithuania in the 19th and 20th centuries: searching for the benefit

Dr Linda Monckton, (UK, Historic England), Public benefit as community wellbeing in archaeology


Session 3


Dr Agnieszka Oniszczuk (Poland), A tricky subject - archaeology in opinion polls on cultural heritage, recent examples from Poland 

Ulla Kadakas (Estonia), How quick should public benefit of archaeology be?

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