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EAC guidance: drafts for member review

As members who attended the General Assembly will know, the EAC Working Groups have been creating new EAC guidance, which we hope to launch at the General Assembly in 2024, in Brussels.


The EAC Board invites members to read the draft documents over the next few months, before they are published. The aim of the Board in inviting members to read the drafts is to offer an opportunity for members to consider the issues and think about how they might use and promote them when they are published. Members are also welcome to raise questions or provide comments to the Board.


The drafts will be added to this private area of the EAC website when they are ready to review. Members are kindly asked NOT to circulate or share the drafts- they are not formatted for publication yet, and have some issues to be resolved (e.g. copyright).

This suite of new guidance is largely the result of the ‘Making Choices: Valletta, Development, Archaeology and Society’ survey which identified key areas where EAC guidance could improve consistency and accuracy. The publication and promotion of this new guidance will be an important part of how the EAC supports its members and engages with decision-makers in the next few years, and the Board urges members to actively engage with the drafts when they are available.

Please direct general enquiries to the EAC Assistant

'The value of developing a Research Framework'

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National Research Frameworks

Making the case for development-led archaeology

'The Benefit of developer-led archaeology in Europe and beyond'

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Archaeological Archives

'Revisiting the Valletta Convention for the Digital Age: Position statement on archiving primary archaeological data'

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