EAC Heritage Symposium
Climate Change and Archaeology

The next EAC Heritage Symposium will be held on 1-3 July 2021 in Hainburg, Austria. The event is hosted and organised by the Federal Monuments Authority Austria (Bundesdenkmalamt), Department of Archaeology. The topic of the Heritage Management Symposium will be ‘Climate Change and Archaeology’. 

The 22nd EAC Symposium will be held over two days (1 and 2 July 2021) and will consist of a number of presentation sessions followed by discussions – including questions and comments from the floor. You are kindly invited to propose a presentation on any aspect(s) described in the concept note of the symposium. Each presentation will last max. 20 minutes and each presenter should propose relevant actions or recommendations as part of their presentation/paper. 

The concept note of the symposium and other information about the Symposium can be found here, on the right. 


Please note that in 2021, EAC General Assembly will take place online in March 2021, while the Heritage symposium „Climate Change and Archaeology” is planned to take place in person in Hainburg, Austria in July 2021 – with enhanced digital capabilities and online streaming provided. We invite you to consider taking part in this symposium, even if you don't know if you will be comfortable or able to attend in person, as we will ensure that the selected papers could be presented virtually or face-to-face, depending on the speaker’s preference.


The author(s) name(s) and the title of the presentation, and the abstract (max. 2500 words) should be sent by email to the scientific coordinators of the symposium - Dr Ellen Vreenegoor -E.Vreenegoor@cultureelerfgoed.nl and Dr Hannah Fluck -hannah.fluck@historicengland.org.uk  by 15 March 2021.


Thursday 1 July 2021

  • 9.00-17.00 – 22nd  Heritage Management Symposium (Day 1, Session 1&2) "Climate Change and Archaeology”.

Organized by Dr Ellen Vreenegoor, Coordinator of the Implementation Agenda for Climate Adaptation, Water Safety and Heritage at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, and Dr Hannah Fluck, Head of Environmental Strategy at Historic England, UK


  • 19.30 Welcome Reception (Archaeological Parc Carnuntum)


Friday 2 July 2021

  • 9.00-17.00 – 22nd  Heritage Management Symposium (Day 2, Session 3 & 4)


Saturday 3 July 2021 - Excursion

  • Excursion “Archaeology in and around Carnuntum and the baroque palace complex Schloss Hof”, Hainburg, Austria (details TBC)


VENUE – Kulturfabrik Hainburg (Hainburg culture factory)







In 1847 the so-called "Danube building" was built as the largest factory building for the tobacco factory. In the heyday of 1905, 2,500 people worked here in what was then the Kuk main tobacco factory. After production stopped in 1992, the building remained empty for 13 years. In 2005, the imposing classicist building of the former tobacco factory was brought back to life  by Reinhardt Gallister, who emerged as the winner of the competition, and upgraded with the implant of a glass and steel terrace on the Danube side as a viewing box celebrating the bank view. There are four symmetrical storeys on each side of the central staircase and two on each side of the 80-meter-long former factory halls, which are supported by characteristic, elegant column colonnades made of cast iron. Gallister took great care in repairing the stock.

The culture factory has a double function: on the one hand the new Hainburg culture and exhibition centre, on the other hand the archaeology centre, which serves as a scientific depot and study collection for the storage and processing of around 20 million finds from the Carnuntum archaeological park. Through the glass ceiling to the atrium, visitors to the Kulturfabrik can gain an insight into the meticulous work of the archaeologists and restorers. 


© Land NÖ – Archäologischer Park Carnuntum, Bad Deutsch-Altenburg

​22nd Heritage Symposium

1-3 July 2021 Climate Change and Archaeology Heritage Symposium (Hainburg, Austria)


Federal Monuments Authority Austria (Bundesdenkmalamt)

The Federal Monuments Authority Austria protects and maintains the material cultural heritage of Austria and demonstrates the social importance of this task. It is the professional body that protects the cultural heritage of Austria by law and assumes the responsibility for the preservation of the monuments. It is not only a professional authority but also a service agency that spreads the necessary historical and technological knowledge and strives to be open to requests and suggestions. The primary aim is to preserve in an authentic and undiminished way cultural heritage which is an irreplaceable capital for the future.
The Department of Archaeology protects, manages, undertakes research, and documents Austria's archaeological heritage. An area supervisor is available for inquiries, applications and reports of findings in every federal state. They also provide information on all questions relating to the protection of archaeological monuments and archaeological preservation.


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