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Keeping your research framework relevant and up-to-date

You have decided to develop a research framework, so what are the things that you need to consider and the practical steps to deliver what you and your users need.


Sustainability and management of research frameworks


How are you going to keep your research framework up-to-date? How are you going to manage the framework after it has been completed? Who will own it, who will take responsibility to manage and sustain the framework?


  • Creating partnerships/management teams

  • Understanding it may be part of a wider ecosystem and linked to other factors eg how do we synthesize, improving access to information, public engagement.



Implementation into local practice


How are you going to embed it into policy, legislation, standards and guidance? 

Assessment of impact

How are you going to measure what impact the Research Framework is having on investigations, research and decision making?

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Improving/developing your existing research framework


For those who have research frameworks – how can you develop potential new directions (climate/landscape/etc.), improvements, potential broadening of scope (also beyond borders of administration areas) etc...

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