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Content EAC Occasional Paper 16
Archaeology and Public Benefit - Moving the Debate Forward



Sadie Watson


Making the Case for the Public Benefits of Development-Led Archaeology

Barney Sloane


Roman Water Pipeline Approved for ‘Adoption’ – Public Engagement, Awareness and Benefit from a Development-Led Archaeology Project

Erich Claßen and Martin Vollmer-König


A Case Study in Archaeology and Public Benefit from an Urban Excavation in an Old Brewery; Cork City, Ireland

Maurice F. Hurley


Archaeology 2030: A Strategic Approach for Northern Ireland

John D. J. O’Keeffe


Archaeology and the History of the Lithuanian Resistance in the 19th and 20th Century: In Search of the Public Benefit

Ričardas Dediala


Italian Archaeology: Heritage, Protection and Enhancement

O. Cerbone, A. Garrisi, M. Giorgio, C. La Serra, V. Leonelli and G. Manca di Mores


Development-Led or “Preventive” Archaeology in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Mei Duong


Bulgarian Development-Led Archaeology in the Public Eye. Reception, Reactions, Possible Solutions

Lyudmil Vagalinski and Milena Raycheva


A Tricky Subject – Archaeology in Opinion Polls on Cultural Heritage. Recent Examples from Poland

Agnieszka Oniszczuk


Shared Archaeological Heritage: The European Archaeology Days

Pascal Ratier


How Quickly Should Public Benefit Come from Archaeology? Availability, Use And Influence on Society: Results of the Estonian Salvage and Metal Detector Study

Ulla Kadakas


Prehistory, Playhouses and the Public. London’s Planning Archaeology

Adam Single and Louise Davies


Public Benefit: The Challenge for Development-Led Archaeology in the UK

Sadie Watson


Social Impact Archaeology: Pontefract Castle and the Gatehouse Project

Brendon Wilkins, Chris Casswell, Maggie Eno, Jodie Hannis, Maiya Pina-Dacier, Harriet Tatton and Johanna Ungemach (DigVentures)


Public Benefit as Community Wellbeing in Archaeology

Linda Monckton


No More Polluter Pays Principle: Opportunities and Challenges of Public Benefit Provision in UK Development-Led Archaeology

Kenneth Aitchison


Development-Led Archaeology and Public Benefit from a Swedish Perspective

Alexander Gill

The Public Benefits of Archaeology According to the Public

Monique H. van den Dries

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