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Content EAC Occasional Paper 15

Archaeological Sites and Monuments in the Care of the State
Sharing Our Experiences

Introduction / Foreword 
Chris Corlett

Authenticity and Attractiveness by Presentation of Archaeological Sites in Bulgaria
Milena Kamenova and Lyudmil Vagalinski

VirtualArch – Making Archaeological Heritage Visible 
Jiří Unger, Christiane Hemker, Christoph Lobinger and Jan Mařík

Challenges Facing the State Management of Historic Shipwrecks in English Territorial Waters 
Hefin Meara

Managing the Managers: State Control over the Monuments in Estonia 
Ulla Kadakas and Anu Lillak

Seddin, Freyenstein and Wittstock. Research, Presentation and Sustainable Site Management in Northern Brandenburg 
Franz Schopper

Investments for Touristic Purposes at Archaeological Sites and Historical Monuments 
Dóra Hegyi and Zsófia Nádai

Management of Isolated Islands: An Example of Sceilg Mhichíl, Ireland 
Edward Bourke

Take Care of Me! Experiencing Protection, Conservation and Presentation of Archaeological Sites to the Public in the Autonomous Province of Trento, Northern Italy
Franco Nicolis

The Practice of Preserving and Presenting Archaeological Sites in Latvia 
Sandra Zirne

The Dutch Triple Heritage Helix. A Working Model for the Protection of the
Landscape. Introduction and the Example of Utrechts Landschap 
Saskia van Dockum and Leonard de Wit

Medieval Churches in Novgorod: Aspects of Archaeological Investigations and Museum Presentation 
Marina Vdovichenko

Visitor Erosion in Fragile Landscapes: Balancing Conflicting Agendas of Access and Conservation at Properties in Care 
Rachel Pickering

Whose Archaeological Site Is It? – A Case Study of the Public’s Implication
in the Caretaking and Opening of Archaeological Sites in Switzerland 
Cynthia Dunning Thierstein

An Overview of the Changing Policies on the Protection and Management of Archaeological Sites in Turkey 
Zeynep Eres

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