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Archaeology and Public Benefit: moving the debate forward

The latest EAC Annual Meeting was held on 5-7 March 2020 in Prague, Czech Republic. The event was hosted and organised by the National Heritage Institute (NPÚ) (Czech Republic). The topic of the Heritage Management Symposium was ‘Archaeology and Public Benefit: moving the debate forward’. 

The 21st EAC Symposium was held over one and a half days (5 and 6 March 2020) and consisted of a number of presentation sessions followed by discussions – including questions and comments from the floor. 

The concept note of the symposium and further information about the Annual Meeting 2020 can be found in the Downloads section on the right. 









The 2020 EAC Annual Meeting was held in The New Building of The National Museum in Prague, in the heart of the city centre (Vinohradská 1, Praha 1).


The new building of the National Museum was obtained by the National Museum in the 2006 and on the 1st of June 2009 the National Museum has taken over this building from the Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. The building has a very interesting history because it served at first as the Prague Stock Exchange (1938 to the arrival of the occupational forces), then as the parliament (1946–1992), radio studio (1995–2009) and at present it is has the function of a museum.

​22nd Annual Meeting 

19 March 2021 (EAC General Assembly, Online Event)

19 March 2021 (COVID 19 and Archaeology - EAC Seminar, Online Event)

24-26 June 2021 Climate Change and Archaeology Heritage Symposium (Hainburg, Austria)

 PRAGUE 2020

21st Annual Meeting


The National Heritage Institute (NPÚ) is the biggest state-funded organisation under the Culture Ministry of the Czech Republic. Under current laws it is entrusted with a number of specialist tasks related to state heritage conservation.

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