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Content EAC Occasional paper 9

Foreword and acknowledgement

Katalin Wollák

Peter Schut



  1. The Valletta Convention: twenty years after - a convenient time - Adrian Olivier

  2. Origines et objectifs de la Convention de Malte. Son application en France
    Marc Gauthier

  3. The origins and aims of the Valletta Convention. Its implementation in France
    Marc Gauthier

  4. Research, historic assets and the public - the Valletta Convention and the example of Butrint
    Brian Ayers

  5. Archaeology and tourism. The Roman Legionary Trail, an educational and recreational project in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland
    Thomas Pauli-Gabi

  6. The convention in action - Poland almost 20 years after the ratification of the Valletta Convention
    Agnieszka Oniszczuk

  7. Heritage sites and tourism: two sides of the same coin?
    George Cassar

  8. Archaeological work in a development context. Key challenges and legal measures
    Nicoletta Divari-Valakou

  9. The pending ratification of the Valletta Treaty by Austria - Bernhard Hebert

  10. Two years of ratification - twenty years of legal implementation: the Valletta Convention in the Spanish case: a fact or fantasy?
    Alicia Castillo Mena

  11. Archaeological heritage management in the Republic of Moldova after two decades of the Valletta Convention
    Sergiu Musteaþã

  12. The positive experiences, issues and limited opportunities in the present application of rescue archeology under the Malta Convention in Albania
    Gjergj Frasheri

  13. Albanian challenges on the protection of cultural heritage
    Roland Olli

  14. Management of archaeological excavations and control in the Czech and Slovak Republic
    Jan Maøík and Karol Prášek

  15. Archaeological resources in cultural heritage: a European standard
    David Bibby

  16. Relax, don't do it: a future for archaeological monitoring
    Hans Huisman and Bertil van Os

  17. Rising to the challenge? Research-based training in contexts of diversification
    Christopher Prescott

  18. Valletta and beyond - ideas and practices in Sweden
    Birgitta Johansen and Mats Mogren

  19. Malta and its consequences: a mixed blessing
    Willem J.H. Willems

  20. The EU and cultural heritage: current approaches and challenges for the future
    Petar Miladinov

  21. Europe, Malta and me
    Leonard de Wit

  22. Valletta Convention perspectives: an EAC survey
    Adrian Olivier and Paul Van Lindt



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