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Content EAC Occasional paper 8

Katalin Wollák

Agneta Lagerlöf



  1. The work of the European Association of Archaeologists on the illicit trade of archaeological and cultural material
    Amanda Chadburn

  2. The PAS - a rather British solution. The mandatory reporting and voluntary recording of archaeological objects in England and Wales
    Michael Lewis

  3. A way to balance societal needs in law Suggestions for new regulations on the use of metal detectors in the Swedish Heritage Conservation Act
    Michael Lehorst

  4. Laws in Europe on the use of metal detectors
    Maria Barkin
    Public Awareness,

    Participation and Protection in a Changing World EAC Symposium 2012,

    Keynote lectures:

  5. Plunder, destruction and mentalities in current society
    Keith Wijkander

  6. Excavating archaeology in a globalizing world
    Ubaldus de Vries

    Perspectives from Europe EAC Symposium 2012, Papers:

  7. Merely searching for treasures or valid interest in cultural history? Various motivations in Germany
    Jonathan Scheschkewitz

  8. Perspectives on the use of metal detectors in Estonia: Regulation and practice
    Ants Kraut

  9. Protection of archaeological monuments in Ireland. The experience of enforcing the legislation
    Sean Kirvan

  10. The value of archaeology: Resource, heritage or pure fun?
    Paulina Florjanowicz

  11. The fight against nature
    Kristín Huld Sigurðardóttir

  12. Caring about the past requires care for the present
    Carsten Paludan-Müller

  13. Raising awareness in the younger generation: An educational programme for illicit excavations and trafficking of cultural goods 
    Elena Korka

  14. Protecting the archaeological heritage by promoting volunteer archaeology. Protéger le patrimoine archéologique par la promotion de l'archéologie bénévole
    André Schoellen, Grégory Compagnon, Jean-David Desforges, Nicolas Minvielle

  15. Amateurs and professional archaeologists: Legal models for their cooperation in the Czech Republic
    Jan Mařík

  16. Policing the past, protecting the future. Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in the historic environment of England
    Mark Harrison

  17. Do as we say, not as we do! Archaeological heritage protection and the excluded Austrian public
    Raimund Karl

  18. Perspectives sur la sensibilisation, la participation du public et la protection
    Marc Drouet

How to care about those who cares? Reflections on the conference 
Birgitta Johansen


Louise Fredericq

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