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Content EAC Occasional paper 4

Katalin Wollák, President of Europae Archaeologiae Consilium

Stephen Trow


European Overview

1.  Farming, forestry, rural land management and archaeological historical landscapes in Europe 
Stephen Trow


National and Local Perspectives

2.  Challenges related to archaeological heritage preservation in the Norwegian rural landscape 
Ingrid Smedstad

3.  Problems and perspectives of archaeological heritage preservation in farmed landscapes in Germany – a survey of federal structures 
Andreas Büttner, Jana Esther Fries, Henning Hassmann, Gabriele Schiller, Michael Strobel and Thomas Westphalen

4.  Shaping the Netherlands 
Cees van Rooijen and Guido Mauro

5.  Raising consciousness: the reconciliation of archaeological- heritage preservation and agricultural practice in Hungary 
Réka Virágos

6.  Agricultural changes, ancient mounds, and archaeological course-corrections: some field (and forest) notes from southern Burgundy 
William Meyer

7.  Cover is not shelter: archaeology and forestry in the Czech Republic 
Zdeněk Neustupný

8.  Environmental monitoring of archaeological deposits 
Vibeke Vandrup Martens

9.  Monitoring and managing archaeological sites on the farmland of Wales 

Peter Gaskell and Gwilym Hughes

10.  Field Monument Wardens in Northern Ireland: working with owners to manage scheduled historic monuments 
Claire Foley

11.  The Field Monument Advisory Scheme in the Republic of Ireland 
Rosanne Meenan

12: Assessing and managing risk: the Scheduled Monuments At Risk (SMAR) and Conservation Of Scheduled Monuments In Cultivation (COSMIC) projects, England:

Jon Humble

13.  The Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS) and archaeology 
Hugh Carey and Ann Lynch

14.  Archaeology, agriculture and environment on the Burren Uplands, Ireland 
Christine Grant

15.  Heritage stewardship in Flanders: rural development money for rural heritage management? 
Karl Cordemans

16.  Agri-environmental schemes and the historic environment of the United Kingdom: a view from Wales:
Mike Yates, with contributions from Victoria Hunns, Rhonda Robinson, and Jonathan Wordsworth 

17. Ripping up history, sordid motives or cultivating solutions? Plough damage and archaeology: a perspective from England 
Stephen Trow
18. Mitigation impossible? Practical approaches to managing archaeology in arable farming systems 
Vince Holyoak

19: Forestry and the historic environment in Britain: a challenging past and an exciting future 
Tim Yarnell and Peter Crow
20: Forestry and archaeology in Ireland: current practice and future trends 
Emmet Byrnes

21.  Archaeology and forestry in Bavaria (Germany): current ways of co-operation 
Joachim Hamberger, Walter Irlinger and Grietje Suhr


Looking to the Future

22. Changing the land – the implications of climate-change policies, actions and adaptations for Scotland’s rural historic environment
Jonathan Wordsworth

23.  The impoverishment of heritage in the European landscape – with some Swedish examples 
Leif Gren and Peter Norman


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