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Content EAC Occasional Paper 14

Development-led Archaeology in Europe
Meeting the Needs of Archaeologists, Developers and the Public

General introduction 
Agnes Stefánsdóttir

Session 1 The archaeologists

Development-led archaeology in Bulgaria during the last decade 
Lyudmil Vagalinski

Archaeоlogical Map of Bulgaria – Transport and pipeline infrastructure projects 
Nadezhda Kecheva

Quality in development-led archaeology
Eva Skyllberg

Development-led archaeology in Finland: free competition – lessons learnt
Petri Halinen, Marianna Niukkanen, Sirkka-Liisa Seppälä and Helena Taskinen

Project of Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) in Albania – A potential opportunity for archaeology
Rudina Zoto and Mariglen Meshini


Session 2 The developers

Following the developers – Salvage archaeology and urban archaeological management, the Israeli experience
Jon Seligman

What do the funders of infrastructure projects in England expect from their commercial archaeologists?
Neil Holbrook

Farmers and archaeologists: any shared interests? Best practice from the Dutch countryside
Henny Groenendijk

Session 3 The public

Whose business is it anyway? Survey on the relationship between archaeology, the public and the national government
Marjolein Verschuur

The magic triangle

Gábor Virágos

Presenting an archaeology for everyone: changing our approach to publicly funded archaeological investigation in Scotland

Kirsty Owen and Rebecca Jones

A citizen‘s view on public archaeology and heritage in Austria

Sigrid Peter

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