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Dare to choose
Making choices in archaeological heritage management

Leonard de Wit

General introduction

Ann Degraeve

Session 1 The decision-making mechanisms

Making choices: Valletta, development, archaeology and society
Barney Sloane

Making choices for archaeological archives in Europe
Duncan H. Brown and David Bibby

Making choices in archaeological heritage management: the case of Bulgaria
Lyudmil Vagalinski

Are monuments struggling for life or is it us making choices?
Bernhard Hebert

Defining archaeological heritage: the practices of protection of archaeological heritage in Estonia
Ulla Kadakas

Session 2 The choice of research questions for excavations

‘Do I really need to dig it?’ – Making choices in development-led archaeological excavation in Northern Ireland
John D. J. O’Keeffe

A toolbox for archaeological heritage management: maps, methods and more for effective and efficient selection of valuable archaeology

Roel Lauwerier, Monique Eerden, Bert Groenewoudt, Michel Lascaris,
Eelco Rensink, Bjørn Smit, Barbara Speleers and Jan Van Doesburg

Dare to choose: history writing or posthole pampering?
Peter Schut

Is question-driven fieldwork vital or not?
The archaeological heritage manager’s perspective
Agnieszka Oniszczuk

To treat or not to treat… And to what extent? Insights into the strategic
decision-making in the Archaeological Conservation and Restoration Laboratory of the Brussels Capital Region
Ann Degraeve and Jef Pinceel

Session 3 The choice concerning the involvement of society

Management plans: a tool for participative decision-making
Elena Kountouri, Constantina Benissi and Julia Papageorgiou

Steps towards public engagement with archaeological heritage –
some Portuguese examples
João Marques and Filipa Neto

An urgent but difficult task: communicating archaeological results to
the general public
Eva Skyllberg

The relevance of professional ethics of archaeologists in society
Sandra Zirne

Content EAC Occasional Paper 13
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