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  Paulina Florjanowicz

  1. Trajectories towards a knowledge-producing contract archaeology. 
    Kristian Kristiansen

  2. Challenging attitudes – delivering public benefit. 
    Adrian Olivier

  3. From Valletta to Faro with a stopover in Brussels. International legal and policy background for archaeology or simply the understanding of heritage at the European level
    Paulina Florjanowicz

    Session 1 Setting the scene

  4. A survey of heritage management in Germany, with particular reference to Saxony-Anhalt
    Konstanze Geppert and Harald Meller

  5. The organisation of Czech archaeology – a socialist legal system applied in a market economy
    Jan Mařik

  6. Archaeological research in the Slovak Republic – positives and negatives.
    Matej Ruttkay, Peter Bednar, Ivan Cheben and Branislav Kovar

  7. French preventive archaeology: administrative organisation, role of the stakeholders and control procedures.
    Bernard Randoin

  8. A view from Turkey on the Valletta and Faro Conventions: effectiveness, problems and the state of affairs. 
    Mehmet Ozdoğan and Zeynep Eres

  9. Everything you always wanted to know about commercial archaeology in the Netherlands.
    Marten Verbruggen

    Session 2 Balancing stakeholders

  10. Scotland and a ‘national conversation’.
    Rebecca H Jones

  11. The General Directorate of Cultural Heritage’s competencies in the context of safeguarding and promoting the Portuguese archaeological heritage.

    Maria Catarina Coelho

  12. Working for commercial clients: the practice of development-led archaeology in the UK.
    Dominic Perring

  13. Balancing stakeholders in the Netherlands. A plea for high-quality municipal archaeology
    Dieke Wesselingh

  14. The legal basis and organisation of rescue archaeology in Poland
    Michał Grabowski

  15. Preventive archaeology in Wallonia: perspectives
    Alain Guillot-Pingue

    Session 3 Assuring quality

  16. Is everybody happy? User satisfaction after ten years of quality management in development-led archaeology in Europe
    Monique H. van den Dries

  17. Challenges and opportunities for disseminating archaeology in Portugal: different scenarios, different problems
    Ana Catarina Sousa

  18. From Valletta to Faro – avoiding a false dichotomy and working towards implementing Faro in regard to archaeological heritage (reflections from an Irish perspective)
    Margaret Keane and Sean Kirwan

  19. Assuring quality: archaeological works on Irish national road schemes
    Ronan Swan

  20. Archaeology as a tool for better understanding our recent history
    Peep Pillak

  21. Archaeological sites: the need for management and legislation improvements (some thoughts on the Albanian reality)
    Ols Lafe



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