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Annual  meetings
Heritage reinvents Europe

A critical approach to values in archaeology, the built environment and cultural landscape

The General Assembly elected Albania among the member countries of the EAC, and the Board of the EAC had also been renewed. Bernard Randoin from France had been re-elected as Board member and vice-president; Birgitta Johansen from Sweden and Hans Mestdagh from Belgium/Flamish Region had been elected as new Board members.

The symposium on the topic ‘Heritage re-invents Europe’ had several interesting presentations, and a volume related to the symposium is planned to be published within a year.

Several key themes will be explored. Does cultural heritage bind or separate; does it have the power to add value to the ‘Europe-feeling’? Will emphasising the commonalities in national histories speed up the process of European integration? Can shared cultural roots contribute to economic union? Furthermore, should cultural heritage serve as an instrument in the promotion of civil understanding of the ‘building of Europe’? Join in the discussion as these and other related issues are highlighted during the colloquium – form deductive and inductive perspectives.


The Colloquium will be hosted in the Provincial Heritage Centre (Ename, Belgium), recently built by the Government of the Province of East Flanders. The building is situated in the medieval archaeological park on the banks of the River Scheldt.


Due to its archaeological, monumental and cultural landscape heritage the village of Ename was awarded the European Heritage Label in 2007.


Organiser:  Dirk Callebaut 

Ename Expertisecentrum voor Erfgoedontsluiting vzw

​12th annual meeting 

March 17 - 19, 2011

Ename, Belgium

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