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Annual  meetings
Remote Sensing

This symposium will examine Remote Sensing for Archaeological Heritage Management at the start of the 21st century. The key themes to be explored will be: the registration of monuments; the creation of reliable monuments records; approaches to large-scale mapping; monitoring and management of monument condition; and applications of historic imagery.


Well-established approaches and techniques will be set alongside new technologies and data-sources, with discussion covering relative merits and applicability. Approaches to be considered will include aerial photography, both modern and historic, LiDAR, satellite imagery, multi-and hyper-spectral data, sonar and geophysical survey. Both terrestrial and maritime contexts will be addressed.

Organised by:
Dave Cowley (AARG/RCAHMS) 

Kristín Huld Sigurðardóttir (EAC/The Archaeological Heritage Agency of Iceland)

​11th annual meeting 

March 25-27 March, 2010

Reykjavik, Iceland

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